Adventure: Day Two

We made it through the lock!

After breakfast, about 09:30, we noticed another boat was coming through, so we joined them. It turned out that two fit young people plus two 60 year old women are stronger and better at opening gates than two 60 year old women on their own. Who would have guessed?

The rest of the day was basically trying to make up for lost time. We just kept going. The locks on the part of the canal are numerous and close. We came through the Colne Valley and numerous nature reserves, and ended up at Cassiobury at 17:00

We managed 10 locks. We stopped where and when we did because we were absolutely worn out. I had no idea how physically demanding canal boating was. One lock was fine. Two locks is not a problem. Ten locks in fairly quick succession has left me with every muscle and joint I have aching.

While having dinner (Jenny has very cleverly got a microwave to work using something very clever called a Victron inverter) I discovered that she had never heard of ‘The Rhyme of the Nancy Bell’ by W S Gilbert. So I made her listen to a reading of it that I found on YouTube.

Tomorrow….we’ll, I just hope that tomorrow I am physically able to get out of bed.

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