Adventure: Day Four

Oh Gods and Godesses, I ache. I had no idea it was possible to ache this much.

We had a late start because I had a work zoom meeting, so we didn’t actually set off until noon. And the sun came out. Our first sight of sunshine since we started.

We set out with a goal. We weren’t terribly optimistic, but it’s still nice to have goals. We wanted to reach the Tring Summit. We did it! Admittedly we had some help from Phil who joined us for part of the journey, but we did it. We sallied on for 9 hours straight, through 18 locks, and ended up moored for the night at the highest point of our journey. Top of the world ma, top of the world!

Narrowboating over the Cotswolds

Jenny checked the fitness app on her watch to see how much exercise she had. It responded with “who are you and what have you done with Jenny”

From here on, it’s downhill all the way. Unfortunately going down in a lock is no easier than going up in one, but it feels like it ought to be.

Our current projection is that we will arrive at Milton Keynes only one day behind schedule, which we have decided to count as a win.

Of course, that assumes we’re actually able to move in the morning.

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