Adventure: Day Nine

We did it! Nine days of sailing sallying forth, twelve days elapsed, 77 miles, 97 locks, and we are now berthed in a marina in Northampton. Phase one complete.

The big thing today was transitioning from the Grand Union Canal to the River Nene. Which means paying another license to use another set of waterways, and having to use different keys and get used to different lock types.

The main differences we noticed between canal and river are: Rivers have no towpath, making it much more difficult to moor up in random places; rivers are (in most places) much much wider; rivers are harder to navigate because they have many more branches and tributaries and cul-de-sacs.

Oh, and Jenny fell in. We assumed one of us (at least) would fall in at some stage, and as it was our last day Jenny volunteered. Neither of us are entirely clear how it happened, but a little slip, a momentary lack of concentration, and she went in between the boat and the bank. No lasting harm, and once I’d stopped laughing I help her aboard.

So. Phase one complete. Phase two will be Northampton to Peterborough in a few weeks time, when we’ve recovered. For now I’m going to sleep. And drink.

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