Adventure 2: Day One

Adventure Phase 2 was originally intended to be from Northampton to Peterborough, starting two weeks ago. We couldn’t find mooring space in Peterborough so we thought we’d go straight through to March, being the nearest alternate marina. Then we checked the map and realised that March was only one day away from our final destination to Twenty Pence marina, so we thought ‘what the hell’ and ‘full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes’ and decided to do the entire rest of the journey in one go, instead of another two phases.

And we started two weeks later than planned because two locks were out of commission, and we had to wait for them to be repaired.

And we started a day later than planned, today Saturday instead of yesterday Friday, because neither of us felt 100% and because of logistical complications involving getting an MoT for the car.

Luckily we are extremely agile in our planning and execution, so we adapted our plans according to changed circumstances, and here we are.

‘Here’ is moorings at Ditchford, just East of Wellingborough. A short day to help us get back into boating after a month resting. We had a picnic. Jenny cooked pizza in our Cobb oven. It was good.

Picnic on the riverbank

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