Adventure 2: Day Two

Day two saw us cover much more ground. We made it as far as Islip, through some beautiful countryside including a number of nature reserves. Main roads were often not faraway, but hidden well enough by trees that if it were not for the map we would not have known they were there.

We did stop for another picnic lunch when Phil joined us at a lock.

When we transited from the Grand Union Canal to the River Nene, one of the things I was looking forward to were the electrically operated guillotene style locks. It turned out that theywere easier, since you only had to press a button, but much slower and more boring, since you had to stand there with your finger on the button for ten minutes while the gate ponderously lowered and then reopened.

Today we found something much worse. A manually operated guillotine lock. Just like the electric ones, but instead of holding a button in for ten minutes you have to turn a huge wheel for half an hour (Ok, half an hour including rest breaks because they are SO SODDING SLOW and HARD TO TURN). They incorporate the very worst of both lock types; physically hard work and really really slow.

Despite the great scenery I am coming to dislike the Nene.

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