Adventure 2: Day Seven

Friday: run for home

And we made it. Today was a fairly short and uneventful run down the Great Ouse to Twenty Pence marina, which will be home for the boat at least until next Spring or Summer.

So, that’s it. Sixteen days of cruising the waterways, from Slough, up through North London on the Grand Union canal, up and across the Cotswolds and down the other side, across to the River Nene and through Milton Keynes and Northampton, through the Middle Levels and the Fens from the River Nene to the River Great Ouse, and down to Cambridgeshire. It was a pretty epic journey. Not as epic as a round the world trip, or even Jenny’s UK circumnavigation, but pretty epic. Especially for a maiden voyage.

We shall be taking her out again for weekend cruises, but mostly the Winter will be repair and maintenance, some more carpentry, painting and electrical work, and a bit of plumbing.

We have no idea where we’ll be taking her next, but the British waterways are quite extensive. I’d like to do the Grand Union all the way up to Birmingham, but I’d also like to do the London canals; Reagent’s Park and Camden Lock, and I’d also like to do the Upper Thames, through Oxford and beyond.

I don’t know where we’re going next, but I know there will be more adventures.

Elysium arriving at Twenty Pence marina

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