I am unreliable informed [*] that in the old days beekeepers would use the ‘tailings’, the honey that could only be extracted by washing the wax through with water after you’ve extracted the bulk of the honey and put it into jars, to make mead with. So that’s what I’ve done. Two demijohns worth.

I’ll report back in a year or two and let you know if I have drinkable mead or not.

[*] ie I read it on the internet somewhere.

Air Brushing

My Christmas Project (one of them, anyway) was to decorate a hob cover that I had made for the kitchen. This seemed like an ideal excuse to use Jenny’s new air-brush.

Since I have absolutely no talent for drawing, I made some stencils, with both the 3D printer and the CNC router, and started practising on some scrap wood. It took a lot of scrap wood and a lot of practice before I managed something that didn’t look horribly blotchy, but I think I’ve finally managed to get the hang of it.

I’m quite pleased with the result anyway.

Decorated hob cover
End result – a decorated hob cover