We are on the local beekeeping association list for people to contact if they have a swarm in their garden and want somebody to come and collect it. So far we have collected at least five swarms in the past two months! Yesterday, as well as collecting a swarm from a nearby village, we found this in our own garden.

That’s it. We are now full up. We have no spare hives left to house any more bees.

Hopefully we should have a really good crop of honey this year 🙂


First Meeting

I attended my first Parish Council meeting as a councillor last week.

The agenda was, I suspect, pretty standard. We discussed a couple of planning application, some highways matters, and the state of the children’s play area.

Next time could be more interesting. There are consultations on street lighting and possible boundary changes. Both of these things involve a lot of paperwork to read through 🙁

I have managed to upload the minutes to my unofficial Woodditton website, on the extremely remote chance that anybody else is interested in reading them.



Well, that’s over for another five years. I can’t pretend that the results weren’t very disappointing, especially where I live in Woodditton.

In the general election the Liberal Democrat candidate who has lived in the area for decades lost to a Conservative candidate who lives in London and knows nothing about us.

In the local elections I stood for the district council for my area, and lost to a conservative candidate who live about 15 miles away in Soham.

I think that one thing that these results show, as well as the results across the country, is that the vast majority of people don’t vote for candidates who will best represent them, they vote purely along party lines, in most cases not even knowing who they are voting for.

In other news, I did win the parish council elections, and am now a member of Woodditton Parish Council. That’s going to be interesting…


I’ve spent the last ten years writing mostly in Perl, but I’ve just recently started using Python (yes, I’m late, I know)

I like it. So far at least, it seems cleaner and neater than Perl, easier to read, and there seems to be at least as many libraries available as there are for Perl.

Installing WordPress

Well, that was more effort than I expected.

At first, it seemed to go well. The installation went very smoothly and very quickly, and I had a multi site WordPress using subdomains up and running in no time.

Then I tried to use it.

The first problem was when I tried to write a post, and discovered that the text colour was set to white text on a white background. Some googling and some poking around with the Safari debugger showed me how to fix that by hacking the editor.min.css file.

The next problem was trying to change the header image. When I uploaded a file it went to one directory. When I tried to use a file it looked in a different directory. So uploading an image “worked”, but I wasn’t able to use it.

I finally fixed that problem with a lot of experimentation and some clever symbolic links.

It seems to be working now (so far at least). But dammit – I thought WordPress was solid, reliable, tried-and-tested software? Why does it seem so buggy? And how on earth do non-programmer who don’t know how to hack css and create symbolic links manage to use it?